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Putnam County Parks and Recreation Men’s Softball Rules and Regulations

  • Have fun!
  • No alcohol is allowed in the park at any time. Anyone who is seen with alcohol will be asked to leave the park immediately. If anyone is seen with alcohol on multiple occasions, that person will be banned from the park and also receive bans from future leagues.
  • Games will be 75 minute time limit, with no new inning after 70 minutes.
  • Once the time has hit 75 minutes, you will finish the inning.
  • Game times will be 6:00, 7:30, and 9pm.
  • Church A will be played on Monday nights
  • Church B will be played on Wednesday nights
  • Open League will be played on Friday nights
  • All games are played at the Jere Whitson softball complex
  • Violation of any league rule will result in individual and or team suspension, which forfeits all rights, privileges, registration and league fees, etc.
  • Team rosters may list 20 players including a playing manager.
  • Rosters must be signed by the manager and all players. All players listed must be on file by the 2nd league game.
  • It is the Managers responsibility to MAKE SURE THAT ALL players sign the roster. If a player is not on the roster he WLL NOT play in the playoffs and allowing unsigned players to participate in a game will result in a forfeit of the game, this includes PLAYOFFS.
  • Teams losing players during the season because of injury may add players on a one for one basis.
  • Roster additions must be approved by the Program Coordinator prior to the new player participating in games that night. These additions can be emailed to the Program Coordinator by 4:00pm the day of play.
  • Last minute additions must be approved by the Program Coordinator before that player can step onto the field.
  • New players may be added to the roster by signing the original roster. Additions will not be allowed after the 3rd week of play.
  • Players must have played in three league games to be eligible for the playoffs.
  • Remember it is the manager’s job to keep track of his roster.
  • All players must be at least 18 years of age to participate in all.
  • One new official softball will be provided for each regularly scheduled game and one used back up ball.
  • Umpires will try to use the best ball available during the game and the pitcher must use the ball the umpire gives him.
  • Umpires have the authority to order any player, manager or coach out of the game or off the field for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Lack of compliance or further abuse by the ejected individual either on the playing field or off will be subject for action by the Putnam County Parks and Recreation department and can result in expulsion of that player from all further competition with the team on the field or as an official representing that team in league matters.
  • A system of suspension shall be used for players or coaches who are ejected from a game or games.
  • If a player or coach or manager is ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct he will automatically be suspended according to the following:

Player ejected from 1 game—Suspension from 2 following games.

Player ejected from 2 games–Suspension from 5 following games.

  1. Each player, manager or coach accumulating the above number of ejections from games must sit out the remainder of the game thrown out of and the said number of consecutive following games according to the above system.
  2. No team shall leave the field during the progress of play or refuse to play when directed by the umpire to continue play. This will result in a forfeiture and dismissal from the league without refund of any kind.
  3. Ununiformed sponsors may sit in dugout and shall be governed by the league rules.
  5. Teams will receive 2 points for a win, 0 points for a loss, 1 point for a tie and -2 points for a forfeit.
  6. Loose bats, balls, gloves, equipment and apparel of all kinds must be kept out of the playing area during games.
  7. A team must have at least eight players to start a game.
  8. The scorekeeper scoreboard clock shall be considered official time.
  9. NO METAL SPIKES. Any participant seen with metal spikes on their cleats will be asked to change. If that participant does not change they will be asked to leave the fields for that night.
  10. Once a player is taken out of the game and given a substitute, they may not re-enter.
  11. No bunting or intentional chop hits. Penalty: Batter is out, ball is dead and all runners return to previous bases.
  12. Sliding is allowed at all bases. Sliding at home is allowed as long as it is at the home plate line.
  13. Base runners cannot leave base until the ball has crossed the plate. Penalty: Runner is out and the ball is dead.
  14. Batters will start with a one and one count.
  15. Appeal Plays: To carry out an appeal play, the pitcher must be in possession of the ball on the pitching rubber to stop play. The pitcher must then announce which runner and base he is appealing. The pitcher must then step clearly and completely off the pitching rubber and throw or carry the ball to that base or runner that he announced he is appealing.
  16. The umpire then makes his judgment.
  17. There is NO HOMERUN LIMIT
  18. Team hitting Home Run must retrieve the ball.
  19. At least 5 minutes prior to each game each manager must submit to the scorekeeper a written line-up. First and last names are required.
  20. Games ending in a tie at the end of regulation time shall remain a tie.
  21. Run rule: 15 runs after 4 innings : 20 runs after 5 innings.


If you have any questions please contact Katie Whetstone, Program Coordinator at the Putnam County Parks and Recreation Office

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